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This blog aims to provide a forum for discussion of the practice of criminal law in NSW, by and for young practitioners and students.

It provides high quality, practical analysis of significant criminal law decisions and legislative amendments, general information and tips for criminal practice, as well as marking significant activities and events of the Committee.

The Criminal Law Committee 

The Committee is responsible for the development and support of members of NSW Young Lawyers who practice in, or are interested in, criminal law. The Committee is drawn from prosecution, defence (both private and public), police, the courts and other areas of practice that intersect with criminal law. The Committee takes a keen interest in providing comment and feedback on criminal law and the structures that support it, and consider the provision of submissions to be an important contribution to the community.

NSW Young Lawyers

NSW Young Lawyers is a division of The Law Society of New South Wales. NSW Young Lawyers supports practitioners in their professional and career development in numerous ways, including by encouraging active participation in its 16 separate committees, each dedicated to particular areas of practice. Membership is automatic for all NSW lawyers (solicitors and barristers) under 36 years and/or in their first five years of practice, as well as law students. NSW Young Lawyers currently has over 15,000 members.

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