‘Revenge Porn’ Laws

By Aurhett Barrie

Back in May this year, we put up a short post about the new offences. Aurhett Barrie now follows this up with more details and some tips for new players.

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Section 25A Assault causing death

By Maeve Curry, Barrister, Sir Owen Dixon Chambers


The “one punch” laws

Section 25A was inserted into the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) with alarming speed, following intensifying media coverage and public campaigns for tougher laws and mandatory sentencing to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence. However, a recent statutory review of section 25A reveals that the new law remains largely untested.

On 21 January 2014 former NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell announced his 16-point plan. On 30 January 2014, without any known public consultation or input from the NSW Law Reform Commission (NSWLRC), and barely over a week later, a Bill was passed and introduced, with a promise to have “one punch” laws up and running for the weekend. The next day section 25A came into effect. Continue reading “Section 25A Assault causing death”

Early Guilty Plea Reforms

By Sophie Coulson


The Attorney-General announced last month that the ‘Early Appropriate Guilty Plea’ (“EAGP”) Reforms proposed by the Law Reform Commission (“LRC”) will be implemented in early 2018. This post outlines the proposed changes and the motivation for each change.

In November 2014, the LRC published a report titled ‘Encouraging Appropriate Early Guilty Pleas’. The report made a number of proposals addressing the ever increasing delays in our higher courts. Submissions were made to the LRC by various agencies, all differing in views on the proposed changes. The one thing that they could all agree on was that something needed to be done to address the increasing delays and backlogs. Continue reading “Early Guilty Plea Reforms”

New ‘revenge porn’ offences for NSW

The NSW Parliament is in the process of legislating to criminalise the non-consensual sharing of intimate images. The new offences follow in the footsteps of, but goes further than, similar laws in South Australia and Victoria – which are both limited to distribution and do not provide the same level of detail with regard to important definitional issues, such as what constitutes consent.

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The Drug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment (Drug Exhibits) Act 2016: A snapshot on the Amendment Act and important changes to be aware of …

By Angus Abadee

In response to the NSW Auditor General’s 2013 report Managing drug exhibits and other high profile goods: NSW Police Force, the NSW Parliament passed the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment (Drug Exhibits) Act 2016 (“the Act) to improve work health and safety of NSW Police Force (“NSWPF”) officers required to handle drug exhibits. Continue reading “The Drug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment (Drug Exhibits) Act 2016: A snapshot on the Amendment Act and important changes to be aware of …”