The Role of Prosecution and Defence INTERVIEW WITH KARA SHEAD SC

By Hallie Warnock

Last year I was fortunate enough to interview Kara Shead SC who is currently a Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions. Aside from working in prosecution-related roles for over 20 years, Kara Shead SC also was a Deputy Senior Public Defender. As a result she has gained valuable insight from working for both prosecution and defence – some of which she shared for the interview.

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Masterclass on ODPP Disclosure

Catherine Kirkpatrick talks to Trial Advocate, Sevinch Morkaya about the importance of the duty of disclosure.

While it’s important for prosecutors to understand their duties of disclosure, defence solicitors should also have a thorough understanding of the rules of disclosure. Trial Advocate for the NSW Office of Director of Public Prosecutions (“ODPP”), Sevinch Morkaya says that prudent defence solicitors will be proactive about disclosure and work with the Crown early in criminal proceedings to ensure any problems are resolved before a hearing or trial.

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